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49ers' offensive coordinator accepts college head coaching job

Greg Roman has served as the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers since 2011.

SANTA CLARA - The San Francisco 49ers will reportedly need to start looking at replacing offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

According to a source close to Roman's family, he is accepting the head coaching position at McMurry University and will leave the team this week in order to prepare the War Hawks for their upcoming season.

McMurry is a private, Methodist, Division III university in Abilene, Texas. While neither Roman nor the 49ers could be reached for comment, sources close to the 49ers offensive coordinator say he was becoming increasingly frustrated of being passed over for head coaching jobs due to his success as the play caller. Teams with head coaching vacancies would often pass on Roman since the 49ers have had deep playoff runs during his tenure in San Francisco. Roman may be looking to turn McMurry into a powerhouse and turn that job into a more prominent head coaching job.

Jim Harbaugh, Roman's mentor, followed a similar path from the University of San Diego to Stanford and then to the 49ers. While unconventional, there is some logic to this move.

There is no word on who the 49ers have lined up as a replacement or if Roman will take other 49ers assistants with him to McMurry. The most likely replacement would be special teams assistant Tracy Smith, who the team has always had confidence in.

Just last week, Roman briefly made the news while at a charity event. A Bay Area reporter asked if he was disappointed that he had been passed over so many times for NFL and college head coaching jobs. Roman became irritated, grabbing the reporter's recording device and throwing it into a nearby hedge. It took the reporter four hours to locate the device while Roman stood there laughing at the situation.

Roman has served as the 49ers' offensive coordinator since 2011. He had previously been a coach under Jim Harbaugh's staff at Stanford from 2009 to 2010.

Roman has previously been a coach with the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, Holy Spirit High School Spartans and Alex D. Smith Junior High School in New Jersey. He graduated from Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, New Jersey and John Carroll University.

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